Always ensure the CEO smooths out the arrival for the consultants

Clients enjoy avoiding consultants unless they are “told” to cooperate

Strategy Study W0 11

Initial letter

Guillermo has started booking us focus interviews. We just need to ensure all the stakeholders to whom we need to speak are on that list.

Below is the letter the banking client CEO is sending to request the focus interviews:


Dear Stella


Latin American Bank (LAB) is actively pursuing means of better achieving its mandate.  We must increase our effectiveness at lending to greater numbers of marginalized commercial borrowers while improving our risk management and collections.  We appreciate your role in helping us achieve these aims.

In order to further improve, LAB has recently engaged Firmsconsulting to explore ways of accelerating progress in achieving our goals. 

We will be analyzing various stakeholder roles and positions during the study.  As a valuable player, it is critical to better understand El Toro Financial Services.

As part of the analysis of the current situation and successes and challenges, members of the project team would like to visit El Toro Financial Services during the next week.  Team members would like to spend a full day analyzing typical daily operations.  I would value your assistance in helping them arrange the necessary meetings and access.

Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact Guillermo [x] or myself.  Please be assured that all information will be kept strictly confidential and only used within LAB.

This is an exciting period in LAB’s growth.  I am personally involved and committed to this study and believe its outcome is critical to our success.



Office of the CEO


El Toro is a key player. They are one of the largest distribution financial intermediaries (DFIs) funding entrepreneurs near the US-Mexican border. In essence, the banking client believes El Toro is such a lucrative business, they want in on the action.

That is not the only reason. They also think El Toro is not funding enough entrepreneurs.

What if we find the opportunity south of the border is bigger than the opportunity north of the border?

There may be 30MM unbanked entrepreneurs but there is probably double that number in Mexico and with far less competition.

Though, our role is not to analyze the opportunity in Mexico, Central America etc.

We need to determine if it is viable for LAB to enter the US through the creation of a retail branch network to provide financing for entrepreneurs, primarily immigrants, to start micro, small and medium businesses.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: How easy is it to work with a client who does not think you have the CEO’s support?

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