Business ethics, the ultimate competitive advantage

Business ethics is easily one of the most talked about subjects today but poorly defined. It is seen as merely a requirement to discuss in meetings versus being a sustainable competitive advantage that can lower the cost of conducting business. There are virtually no guidelines for business ethics and very little principles that can be practically applied.

Summary: Business ethics is not a criminal issue. They can overlap but are generally mutually exclusive. There are no absolute rules for business ethics and the right decision is determined by the context of each situation. Many ethical decisions are usually selfish when analyzed over the long term. Ethics is a significant career competitive advantage where the benefits can be measured in dollar terms. Read more…

Business Judgement – Step-by-Step Guide to Improve It

What is business judgement? What is good, or bad, business judgement? Is business judgement the same for marketing, digital and IT, strategy, and even operations? Is it your understanding of business? Can you have business judgement if you do not know much about business? Do you need an MBA to have business judgement? Can a person without a university degree have business judgement?

Summary: We define business judgement as the way we interpret information. And the way we interpret information is the sum of our experiences, formal knowledge, social networks, informal knowledge. Then it is our willingness and ability to draw on them when interpreting information.

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