I created this contact page to save you time. Read the FAQs section below first. If that doesn’t help, write in below and my team will get back to you as soon as possible.

An important note about my hours and email policy.

I manage 8 websites, 8 OTT strategy streaming Apps, 3 podcast channels, editing/updating 3 books while working on special projects, editing videos,  podcasts, and articles, run our business design studio, while planning programs with partners and often traveling to shoot the 4K content and programming you see.

We receive lots of emails which were initially all routed to me. For the first few years after I joined I answered almost all the emails myself. I usually answered emails late at night, early morning and every weekend while doing all of the above. I was also manually reviewing subscriptions. I rarely took time away and never took a full day off.

As we grew, it became really hard responding emails and managing all the programming we were producing. I just started falling behind. And that hurt the entire experience our clients had. We luckily changed things.

Born in Russia and perennially afraid of losing everything, I overcame my fear of unnecessary expenses and hired a great executive assistant and brought in a team to help me manage editing, Apps, and subscriptions. It’s still a tiny team because we rely on automation. Together, we are able to get through everything that comes in.

My assistant and support team receives all our emails, no matter whom it is addressed to, but if you see the email signed by myself (Kris) or one of the partner’s, it is really us who are answering. My assistant does not pretend to be me or a partner.

Even so, we get a mountain of email. Therefore please respect the time and effort it will take to get back to you. In almost all cases it will not be immediate and in all cases, the answers you want will almost certainly be on one of our sites or on our content guidelines. In most cases, we use this guide when responding to client emails.

The great thing is we now have dedicated specialists to handle emails etc.


I have a question about subscriptions, accessing the Apps, changing my login details, downloading, buffering the videos…? Everything related to this, across all our websites and Apps, is handled by my technical team and they can be reached at For all the reasons listed on this page, please do not email me or any of the partners directly. Just make sure to give the support team all the information they need to help you:

email address of your account


name of the site/App you are trying to access (we have more than one)

phone/tablet/pc/laptop/browser you are using

the exact URL/video you cannot open etc. (very important)

I promise you they want to help you and will respond much faster this way. If you just write in that you cannot access a video, but do not tell us any of the information above, they will need to write back to collect this information. This will cause further delays that we both want to avoid.

How do I learn x given my profile? That’s a great question and it’s what these websites are designed to teach you. It’s also the most common question we receive. Use our detailed guide to help you understand what we have available. Definitely, use our free sites and free iTunes channels. They have a tonne of information with close to 450 free episodes. If you feel you are ready, then subscribe, but there is a lot see, do and learn before you get there.

How do I know if I can even learn strategy and think like the partners on the site? This is a common question and a common fear of all clients. I am passionate about teaching. That is why I built this business. Everyone can learn to think creatively, critically, insightfully and intuitively. Think of mastering strategy as a series of smaller skills you need to master like defining the problem statement, breaking down the problem etc. Just focus on learning one at a time. The good news is we lay this all out for you.

Follow the free iTunes podcast channel Strategy Skills to follow a full strategy study and get a sense of how we teach. It’s also a fun way to be introduced to strategy.

I also re-edited the book Succeeding as a Management Consultant (this one is not free).  If you are worried about mastering the core problem-solving skills, read this book. It lays out the process step by step.

Then follow the online video course A McKinsey, BCG et al Strategy Engagement (its subscription only) which takes you deeper. You will follow an engagement to learn how consultants would approach structuring a study to arrive at an answer. This is probably the best program on our website to learn the fundamentals. There is nothing like it even at elite consulting firms.

I have great strategy potential. Can you coach me or help me launch an earth-shattering business?  I know it seems scary but you can do a lot before you need coaching. To give the best possible experience, we want to coach people who understand how we work and value our approach. That is why only our loyalty members, Insiders, are eligible to apply, and we only admit a handful. You will also require a referral from a previous coaching client.

Don’t worry though, you can do a lot before you should even consider coaching.

After releasing The Start-up: Launching an Electric Car Company and The Start-up: Launching a Digital Luxury Brand we receive a lot of requests to launch businesses. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to vet potential business opportunities nor do we provide funding. You can follow those programs to see what we did, but there are many ways to start businesses. We only launch businesses when invited to participate by our most loyal clients. We don’t solicit clients, nor do we go out and actively search for businesses to build, and we don’t pitch for the opportunity to invest in a business.

I want to ask questions. Can I email you or post a comment on the websites?  Thank you so much for asking. So that we can help the largest number of people, we don’t offer individuals information calls or provide detailed answers via comments/email. before explaining how we can answer your questions, let me explain why we have this policy.

Responding to emails and comments is a labor-intensive task that takes time away from serving all our clients.

We need to read the question.
We have to think about what the client is asking if the question is unclear.
If the question is clear we need to determine if the client is asking the right question.
We usually need to review the video/podcast/article/post to see why the client asked the question.
We have to link to other podcasts/videos/articles on our sites that can help answer the question.
We try to type up a response which could be understood by everyone, especially someone missing the content of the question.

Even a simple yes or no question requires significant thought.

Questions arrive at odd times and we cannot always get to them.
Typing takes longer than speaking so it is harder to write responses.
There is repetition since questions are not in one place and clients repeat questions.

Emails have their unique problems since they arrive in one person’s inbox and if that person is away, no one is going to see that email for a long time.
Many clients also send numerous attachments and updates which all take time to review.
Clients attach complicated rules for what can and cannot be disclosed from the attachments.

The new process fixes the problems above and focuses on the things most of you want.

You are encouraged to comment/contact us below but we will only respond to questions via our podcasts on iTunes / YouTube.
If you post a question, we collect them and answer the most useful questions in the next podcast we release.
This same policy will apply to emails. If you email in a non-technical/billing/login question we will answer it in a podcast.

How do I participate in the training programs you produce?  That is a great compliment. And I am happy to see you are trying to reach your full potential. Our programs contain real people. Andrew, Henri, Zach, Alice, Jen, Barvin, Fei, Chetan etc., are all real people. So we are taking some risk since if we fail to help them, it is a pretty public failure. Given the effort we make (and you will need to make) you need to sure this is what you want.

Please do not send us any documents at this point. It’s a bit too early for that. But please ensure we have sufficient information to fully assess your idea without having to contact you for more information. We are open to all ideas on new programs.

How much will it cost to have you guys speak at an event / conference / meeting? Thank you for the invitation. It’s really not a question of money. We record everything we do and speaking at individual events just does not work in this style. For now, it is best not to consider us for this.

We may consider producing a special training program for your firm provided we can make it available to all our clients. We have done this several times in the past. Use the contact form below to submit your idea.

If you would like to interview one of the ex-partners on our sites please use the contact form below. I serve as the agent and publisher for most of the partners and we manage all their media requests.

Can I use your emails, articles, podcasts, videos, frameworks and book excerpts on my website or distribute them internally? No, you may not copy, reprint, republish,  adapt, assimilate and/or recreate any of my content without my explicit written permission. Except where otherwise specified, all content is the copyright of Firmsconsulting LLC and/or The Strategy Media Group LLC.

Using content without permission is not a nice way to become successful and you would not like it if someone did the same thing to you. We work very hard to produce the content and are really tough about enforcing our copyrights.

You can do better and I am sure you will find the right way to do it.

Can I translate your work into a different language? I receive many offers to translate our content. Translating actually requires much more than simply converting words and phrases. We want to ensure the entire customer experience works. That is why this is something we will only consider doing in-house and are not looking for partners right now.

Can I get a discount or free access? I feel your pain and respect it. I also lived it. When I was 25 years old I was so poor I had to count my pennies to buy KFC mash potatoes for lunch. I could not afford the full meal. I want to do work I can be proud of. I want to be able to attach my name to everything we put out. I want to make a difference. All of that costs lots of money to produce and maintain dedicated Apps, websites and books, not to mention producing so much content.

If I lower prices it will lead to little funding to reinvest in the content I want to produce and the experience I want you to have and hope you keep having. I believe the returns are well worth the costs. It’s a cost-benefit analysis versus cost analysis. I know the impact we have in the lives of our clients and the benefits are enormous. Most of our clients have been with us since we started. Having grown up poor I know the value of good advice.

Still, have questions?

It is best to use the form below which routes everything to my assistant and support team who can best figure out how we can help you.

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